Six of the best – Heists

For this first occurrence of a regular feature let’s look at the best movie scenes involving heists.  I’ve picked my top six, please take a look then add your comments and suggestions below.  So, please help me in staking out the internet and stealing the crown jewels of robbery and heist clips.

Financial depression is often the forbearer of crime.  In the 1930’s it created a new breed of criminal, forced by greed or necessity to grab what they could from the monolithic banking corporations.  In this modern recession the tables are reversed and the bankers have turned out our pockets.  Both deeds are morally questionable but when it comes to excitement and romance the robbers win hands down.  Fred Goodwin finding an extra few million in his pay packet cannot compare to the panache of a carefully planned and executed jewel heist.   Will the Shred ever be immortalised on screen like the great thieves of the past, Bonnie & Clyde, John Dillinger?  I doubt it very much and certainly hope not. 

Cinema has always been an excellent PR machine for bank robbers.  It has dressed them in sharp suits and attached pouting molls and tommy guns to their arms.  They have been reinvented as meticulous planners and daring Robin Hoods with an element of stylistic verve in their vocational performance.   Far from the truth perhaps, but cinema isn’t reality and heists are an absolute staple of film.  Romance, tension, action; what more could we ask for in a single movie scene?  And of course, bowing out in a blaze of glory, a sure fire way of being mythologised for future generations.  Please join me in picking clips ranging from painstakingly planned heists to botched-up break-ins.

Messrine – Is bank robbery an easy decision? For Jacques Messrine it seems so. To bunnies, cheers.
City on Fire – the biggest theft here is from Tarantino who stole wholesale from City on Fire. The legendary Chow Yun Fat stars.
Un Flic – these crooks could have picked a better day for a job in Jean Pierre Melville’s classic Un Flic

Dirty Harry – another reason not to smoke
Hana-Bi – For Takeshi Kitano even bank robbery is easy.

Bonnie & Clyde – The final act of any heist, the getaway.
Please feel free to add comments and suggestions of your own.
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