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News – The Auteurs

The students are allowed to take out their investigate the service cell phones in the classroom in fact, some are encouraged to do so, according to the news channel wham-tv

Article – Cinema Below the 39th Parallel

The phrase ‘golden era’ was originally coined in relation to film as a label for 1930’s Hollywood, a time when anything seemed possible and megalomaniac producers mobilised their harems of stars to appear in some of cinema’s all time classics.

Since then many countries film industries have experienced their own mini eras of success and creativity. Post war Japan was a reflective time for the country and developed true masters such as Kurosawa, Mizoguchi and of course Ozu. The French new wave of the 60’s was a particularly strong period for a consistent producer of quality artistic films, before the baton was returned to the USA in the 1970’s, as the film school generation of Coppola, Scorsese and Lucas stretched their wings. In my book, Hong Kong cinema reached a cultural peak in the 90’s, an opinion I’m happy to bore people with on a daily basis. Yet a different Asian location has been growing in confidence and now has bragging rights as home to some of the most interesting, inventive and shocking cinema of the last decade. That country is South Korea.

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Six of the Best – Moral Panic!

Let’s peer through the horn rimmed specs of Mary Whitehouse and ‘think of the children!’ as we look at six films which created crises of morality in their day. Please add to the panic with your own suggestions at the bottom.

Our current vision of news may be obscured by a blizzard of mephedrone, but if we can strap on our goggles and look back at headlines from years gone by we’d find that every moment has its panic whether it be sex, drugs or rock and roll (in the best cases all three). What’s permanently a given is that this outrage always links to morality and its seemingly continual disintegration.

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