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Retro Review – two sides of the same coin

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Six of the Best – Revenge

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Red Corner/Blue Corner – Solaris v Solaris

This regular feature puts original films in the ring against their remakes and lets them slug it out over 5 rounds. Feel free to disagree with the ref’s decision and leave your comments at the end.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that’s the case than Stephen Soderburgh has a bit of a crush on Andrei Tarkovsky. In the world of cinema I’m sure he’s not alone in feeling this way. Tarkovsky is a giant of the arts. This series is called Red Corner/Blue corner so I may as well start with the boxing similes early, Tarkovsky is a true heavyweight filmmaker. I felt almost bad putting Soderburgh up against him here, like a referee with blood on his hands who feels responsibility for a death in the ring. But sometimes underdogs win, so let’s put their respective films head to head and see how they fare.

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