Responsible Gambling: Tips on Identifying Dependency

Understanding an addiction to games of chance

There is a myth telling that anyone making bets have the only one destiny – to end up dependent on games of chance. Such assumption has nothing to do with reality. Even if you gamble on a regular basis it means nothing and does not point at any problems: a few bets do not mean that would definitely get addicted soon.
In a case you occasionally make bets on sports, you are not dependent. In a case you visit a casino to insert a few coins into a slot machine, you are not dependent. In a case you spend a weekend playing poker or roulette, blackjack or baccarat, you still are not dependent. The nature of the addiction to gambling is quite complex. To suffer from the dependency you are not necessarily expected to make bets in a traditional or virtual casino: you can buy the scratch cards or make bets with anyone you encounter. The hooked on person seeks any opportunity to risk and to try to win.
Normally, a player feels excited while playing and after a few games understands it was fun but it is high time to terminate the game. If you suffer from compulsive gambling you lack the willpower to keep the game under control and the game undermines your life. You may assume that there is an opportunity to get easy money. And whenever you did not manage to win you are 100% sure that the next time you would win and the prize would cover your debt. This is a delusion that leads to addiction, harms your relations with others, affects your job, causes serious financial troubles.

Disturbing symptoms and the way to get rid of them

It is easy enough to notice the initial signs of any addiction. Most likely, you have nothing to worry about as almost everyone makes bets from time to time. But in a case you have any doubts, you may try to estimate the concerns you have and the way you behave critically and try to answer if it is true that:
• You have no chance to overcome the seduction to play;
• You keep on playing even considering you are fully aware that the probability to win is miserable;
• You keep on making bets even considering you lack resources to pay back in a case you lose;
• You avoid telling anyone that you play the games of chance and you prefer to keep your actions in secret;
• Anyone close to you insists that your hobby is not healthy.
These statements clearly describe how anyone facing particular issues with gambling might behave. Often individuals attracted by the games of chance are predisposed to various sorts of dependencies (alcohol, drugs, etc.) and to psychological and mood-related issues. Hence, to get rid of gambling addition it is better to apply a set of complex actions.
Actually, it is exclusively the matter of psychology as players have no physical dependency. If you notice you waste too much time making bets then you must ask a trustworthy person to assist you. The next step is to avoid temptation and get involved in a hobby or any activity that would prevent you from thinking of wagering and would keep you busy. In fact, these are the basic tips that would come in handy in a case you need to get rid of the first signs of dependency.
Making bets is a great and amusing way to relax and to enjoy your time. If you want the games of chance to satisfy you and to remain exciting you must play responsibly: you would have no chances to end up hooked on considering you do not let yourself to get addicted.
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