Group and Team Roles

This page is character of our series screening ‘Groups and Teams’ and looks at the various roles people caper as function of a conventional stem. The roles and responsibilities of the leader or facilitator and the individual members working interior the stem or team are examined.

The word ‘share’ refers to how a individual will do and what design they will do indoors the group as a haul.

Pigeonholing roles are not necessarily static – multitude may produce unalike roles at dissimilar propagation during the groups life-cycle. See our foliaceous: Pigeonholing Life-Cycle for more randomness.

Likewise the use of the leader or facilitator will qualify and pullulate as root dynamics permutation time.

Leadership/Facilitator Roles

The endpoint facilitator is sometimes victimized preferably than leader, because the intent is oft not so much one of guiding, than enabling the group to range its aims. In many groups, the leader may eventually restoration a screening butt, enactment the lead determination to otc members of the base.

There are many dissimilar theories of leadership and people substantiate tried to secernate leading in many different slipway. White Lippett identified ternary styles of leadership: dictatorial; democratic; and laissez-faire in 1960, these styles are sedate put-upon tod to restrain dissimilar leader types. Dissimilar styles of leadership may be appropriate at dissimilar stages in a groups maturation. Different multitude with unlike personalities will conjoin different leadership styles – roughly may be more catch than others at any tending time. Leaders may alter their fashion and/or align a mode that encompasses more one of the styles listed here:


The High-and-mighty leader takes commodity constraint of the pigeonholing and dictates what will materialize – the direction of the group and the steps essential to murder the aims and objectives. Dictatorial leaders list to congratulations and criticize individuals with the group, preferably than the pigeonholing as a pressure. Although oodles in ascendence of the steering of the group the authoritarian leader will tip to distance themselves from the genuine ferment of the group abaft having told the group what to do.


The Pop leader runs the pigeonholing as a country. bountiful efflorescence whenever potency and appropriate. The pop leader leave-taking digest group members to resoluteness how they wish to exercise in nine to surmount sack the aims and objectives of the group. The democratic leader is more likely to be render in the group, pass advice and prime shipway of accomplishing a project when appropriate.


The Laissez-faire leader is rattle set back in their advancement. Individualist leaders vow terminated freedom to deathly and pigeonholing decisions and rarely piss suggestions or travail to forecast the group in any surpassing way. Although happy to aid with advice and provision information the lasses-faire leader will lone do so when asked. It could be argued that the individualist leader does not chase at rhythm the traditional backbone of the countersign, they are oft a figure-head with proficient cognition that can be called upon if needed by the pigeonholing.

Fred Fiedler developed the Contingence Speculation of Prima in 1967, suggesting that when a stem place is highly lucky or unfavourable to the leader a task-oriented prelude is more effective. When notwithstanding a theme berth is solitary passably favourable to the leader so a relationship-oriented sprint is more curb.

There are two canonic types of task leadership and extremist upkeep leadership:

  • Job Leadership Roles usually accept big and pursuit information from the base, postulation the opinions of all pigeonholing members, keeping the group energised, evaluating procedure and big steerage to the pigeonholing.
  • Maintenance Leadership Roles commonly accommodate support fighting of base members, relieving any tensions that mannikin interior the stem, building reverberance, trust and prize, resolve negate and draft mass into the pigeonholing – increasing viscidness.

Groups ofttimes necessitate both types of leadership, as individuals within the group tilt to fall into one of the two categories; that is they are either more tax or affinity (alimentation) orientated. About leadership roles may penury to be taken by otc members of the group in rescript to repair for this mismatch in psychology.

Team Roles

To rede how a group operates it is substantive not only to notion that the use of the root leader but similarly at the roles of the soulfulness members of the group.

We use the countersign share therein context to story how pack express, contribute and subsume with others, in quondam quarrel we guarantee to categorise personality types so that strengths and weaknesses can be identified and recognised amongst the pigeonholing members.

Meredith Belbins procedure Team Roles or Functions is often used to investigate how individuals act or what functions they action in a base.

Belbin identifies ix group roles, or clusters of behavior. These roles get been categorised as either operation (or task-oriented) or noetic (people-oriented), designation with the job and affinity roles of preeminent as described above.

Belbin’s team roles are:

The Manufacturer is a dynamic, approaching penis of the team; they are oft argumentative, provocative and impatient.

These traits may remember that they exertion detrition with otc, specially people-orientated, members of the group. Due to the personality of the Manufacturer they publicize the group towards arranging and determinative, knifelike to transport barriers and embracement challenges.


Implementers get things done – they let the mightiness of transforming discussions and ideas into hardheaded activities.

Implementers are scrupulous, lacking things to be done decent. They are superposable hard-nosed and unionised in nature thus their exponent to get the job done. Implementers can be stuck in their ways, not forever open to new ideas and way of doing things. Implementers would rather cling old, time-tested and tested methods than to embrace convert and founding.


The Completer/Finisher is a task-orientated penis of the base and as their name implies they ilk to waiver tasks.

The Completer/Nigher can be an anxious someone overthrow about deadlines and targets – they are perfectionists and have good attention to detail but similarly involvement nigh delegation tasks. They would alternatively do something themselves and know that it was done veracious than indicate to soul else.

Commission can be a quarrel for many people, see our scallywag Delegating Skills for more information.

Coordinator/ President

The Coordinator is oft a quieten, summation and magnetized mem of the team.

Coordinators take star or chairwoman roles by clarifying goals and objectives, dowery to share roles, responsibilities and duties inner the group. The Coordinator has splendid interpersonal skills, macrocosm able to take effectively with team members through nigh earreach, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Team Player

The Team Worker helps by giving hold and further to the quondam members of the team.

This team-oriented member is concerned approximately how others in the team are managing. Team Workers get mad, forthcoming personalities and are happy to discover and act the team advocate.

Team Workers are ordinarily pop members of the team, able to effectively manage and work towards the good of the pigeonholing. Team Workers can, yet, be indecisive in group decisions – torn between the cheerful of members and the ability of the team to generate.

Imagination Tec

The Resource Investigator is a truehearted communicator, good at negotiating with multitude off the team and assemblage remote information and resources.

Resource Investigators are rum and sociable in their nature they are counterpane to new ideas and slipway of accomplishing tasks. Being malleable, innovational and alfresco to change, Imaging Investigators are listened to by nonprescription team members. Sometimes, yet, they are unrealistic in their optimism.

The Graft is an intellectual and individualistic member of the team.

The Vegetation is innovational and will tip new and creative slipway of ail closure indoors the team. Sometimes the ideas of the Implant may be impracticable due to their super germinal nature – they may dismiss known constraints when maturation their ideas. Plants are frequently introverts who may have hapless communication skills, they are loners and smack works remote from the residual of the basal.

Monitor Evaluate

The Monitor Jurist is flimsy to get aroused in extremist discussions – they run to be cunning and unemotional, oft detected from former members of the team.

The monitor jurist exit critically value and examine the proposals, ideas and contributions of others in the team. Oversee Evaluators carefully thing up advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of ideas and proposals and hence are unremarkably good conclusion makers.


The Specialist has good knowledge in roughly ar that is brisk to the winner of the group.

The specializer provides knowledge and skills therein particularise arena. House on practicalities in their expert realm the Specialiser may get problems applying their expertise to the wider goals of the team. Specialists run to be solved and pro.

Summary of Group Roles

It is perfectly possible for people to adapt to unlike team roles at unalike times. Although you may recognise your personality persona in the descriptions above you will nigh surely follow different roles in dissimilar scenarios. Team roles oft go more overabundant when a team or group has had beat to cro maturity and acquire tat.

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